Why  Motiondreamers?

What kind of cameras do you use ?
We use all professional Canon gears.

What is your price range?
Our packages start at $2199 and all of our packages can be customized to client’s preference.

Do you have liability insurance?
Absolutely. Yes, we are fully insured and can provide any venue with the necessary insurance paperwork.

How long will it take to see a demo of my wedding video?
We typically need around 3-4 months to complete our post production process. There are certainly seasons within the wedding industry and from time to time (around the holidays for example) it can take a little longer, and sometimes at the beginning for a wedding season it can be less, but we promise a great product, tailored to your specifications, and we will communicate with you throughout the whole process so as to keep you informed of the status. You are always welcome to email during that time to check in as well.

How many cameras would you suggest for us ?
We would recommend having few additional angles. For the reception, at least 2 cameras should do the job.

How do I book you?
Call 201.357.0737 We will arrange a meeting at our studio, over the phone or at your home,
confirm a wedding package within your budget, review the contract with you and require a 30% retainer to reserve your date.

How long is the final movies?
It depends on the length of wedding schedule. Average footage will be between 20 to 60 minutes.

Do you offer same day editing?
Yes. We do!